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When communication breaks down, medical mistakes can happen

Communication and interactions between medical staff members are two major factors in medical care that many patients never see. Most people just think about what happens in front of them when they think of “care”: the doctor inspecting you, asking you questions, and writing up prescriptions or suggesting other courses of medical action.

However, there are some very important things happening behind the scenes. Doctors are checking with nurses and other specialists to ensure that the patient is receiving the care and medicine they need. Tests need to be run, and discussions need to happen so that every member of the team dealing with a certain patient is on the same page. That means updating medical records, providing clear and concise information about the patient’s condition, and writing clear notes so that others understand what is going on.

Sometimes, though, communication and interactivity can go awry, and it is usually the patient who pays the price. Notes may be illegible or lost. Medications may be improperly handled or incorrectly filled out. Medical records may go untouched during a crucial period of time, or lost completely due to a server crash or some other technological glitch.

The hospitals, testing facilities, pharmacies and personnel responsible for these mistakes — and the patient’s current medical predicament — need to be held responsible for these errors, and here at Ward & Glass, we take pride in championing an affected patient’s cause. They have been victimized by medical malpractice, and they deserve compensation for the unfortunate situation they have been dealt.