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Category: Doctor Errors

How do distractions play an important role in medication errors?

A doctor or medical professional who is often overwhelmed can make poor decisions while filling out a prescription or talking to you. When these preventable mistakes happen, you could suffer from serious physical consequences without realizing why. Writing incorrect numbers According to the National Library of Medicine, a doctor who

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Should medical malpractice claims be backed up by video?

Lately, there have been more news reports of police officers using excessive force. There is public outcry for transparency on the part of law enforcement. Using body cameras and dash cams to record officers while they work has been a proposed solution. Proponents of video use say this would not

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Oklahoma doctor facing felony charges for deliberate misdiagnosis

When someone becomes ill, friends and family members turn to the best available doctor in town for that person\’s treatment. However, if the doctor commits an error while diagnosing the illness, the consequences can be severe. The consequences may be even worse if that doctor commits a deliberate misdiagnosis in

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Surgeon with 11 malpractice payouts keeps working unabated

A heartbreaking story about a surgery gone wrong — and the failures of doctors, though one in particular takes the cake, to monitor the patient — exemplifies one of the issues in the medical field today. We start the story with a simple procedure: an appendectomy, which is a procedure

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