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General Business Litigation

General Business Litigation Attorneys

Whether you own an established business or are forming a new organization, it is crucial that you have strong representation no matter the complexity of the legal dilemmas you face. Our Norman business litigation lawyers can provide the sound legal advice and aggressive representation you need.

At Glass & Tabor, our attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through complex legal matters. Since 1998, clients have benefited directly from our thorough understanding of business law and our experience navigating the intricacies of the business world. We have provided valuable legal insight into contract disputes, vendor disputes and many more matters. While we will attempt to resolve disputes through negotiation, clients benefit from our trial experience. If a matter must be resolved in court, we are fully confident in our ability to represent our clients.

Cleveland County Business Disputes Lawyers

Our attorneys are well-equipped to represent clients facing business matters, including:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Business torts
  • Development of employee handbooks
  • Partnership disputes
  • Land disputes

Employment Law And Business Disputes

It is not uncommon for our employment law and business disputes practice centers to overlap. Because Oklahoma is an at-will employment state, employers are well within their legal boundaries to terminate employment based on numerous work factors. Employers often look to us when drafting severance packages, nondisclosure agreements or noncompete agreements. Conversely, if an employee feels mistreated during a layoff, restructuring plan or corporate reorganization, we can represent him or her. Fully understanding both sides of a dispute is crucial to providing informed representation.

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