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Your rights regarding reasonable accommodations

A disability could put you at a disadvantage compared to your co-workers or fellow job applicants. The law requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for disabled employees to level the playing field. A reasonable accommodation is a relatively minor change that your employer can make so that you can perform

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Special requirements guide severance agreements for those over 40

A termination can be an emotionally charged event for any employee. However, a severance agreement can make the parting easier for all concerned. If the departing employee is 40 or older, the severance agreement must contain precise wording and adhere to special requirements in order to be enforceable. About the

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What can employers not do when you are pregnant?

In the U.S., there an employer cannot discriminate against you for several different reasons. This includes sex, race, religion and other statuses. They also cannot discriminate against you if you are pregnant. According to the U.S. Employment Opportunity Commission, discrimination based on pregnancy includes any actions by an employer, colleague or supervisor

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What are reasonable accommodations for disabled workers?

Even though you suffer from a disability, you know that you still have the qualifications to work and earn a living. Unfortunately, some employers do not want to make any effort to change their workplaces to accommodate disabled workers. Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, you as a disabled

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