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Category: Wage And Hour Violations

Is your employer using this tactic to underpay you?

Employees fit into different job classifications depending on several aspects of their work. The number of hours they work each week, job responsibilities, and total earnings are just a few things that define these classifications. According to federal laws, some classifications must receive specific pay and benefit structures. Unfortunately, employers

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What should I know about meal and rest breaks?

Understanding your rights as a worker in the state of Oklahoma is paramount. You may be wondering if state or federal law requires your employer to provide you with mandated rest or meal breaks while you are on the clock. The reality is that neither federal nor Oklahoma law requires

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Be aware of common FMLA violations

If you have requested time off from your job under the Family and Medical Leave Act for the first time, you may be unsure what to expect from your employer. FMLA provides unpaid time off work to care for family members or recover from a medical issue without losing your

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3 things to do if you are a victim of wage theft

If you are like most people in Oklahoma City, you work hard to make a living. You probably work overtime to earn your paycheck and help someone else build a successful business. While you put in endless hours toiling away, your boss is probably the one who makes the majority

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FMLA lets employees take time away from work

Balancing work and your personal life can be difficult. That balance can be even more difficult when you or your family are facing medical issues or there is a big change in your life. Luckily, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) let’s certain employees take extended absences from work

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Do you deserve overtime pay?

Does it feel like you work all the time? Do you put in long hours at your company? If you are an hourly employee who works over 40 hours a week, you might be wondering if you deserve more pay. In most cases, if you work overtime you are eligible

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