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Trucking Accidents

Compensation For Those Injured In Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are complex crash scenes. Causes include weather conditions, traffic congestion, truck drivers’ errors, other motorists’ errors and vehicle failures. It may not be clear at first who was at fault or even what happened. The only certainty is the long recovery and hardships ahead for the injured.

The law firm of Glass & Tabor, has the tools and experience to take on serious accident cases skillfully and vigorously. We work with professional investigators to establish negligence on the part of the truck driver or the truck’s owner. Our trial lawyers are prepared to go all the way to a jury to make sure that the monetary damages cover the long-term impact on the family.

Sophisticated Investigation Of Big Rig Wrecks In Oklahoma

We have handled truck accidents in the Norman and Oklahoma City areas and throughout the state with notable verdicts and settlements for catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. We have sued over-the-road trucking firms for tractor-trailer accidents. We have held local companies and major corporations responsible for semi accidents, as well as accidents involving delivery trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Our personal injury practice retains two expert witnesses who are former Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers. Their skill and insights have proven to be extraordinarily helpful in tracing the cause of the crash. Did the truck driver fall asleep or violate traffic laws? Was the truck roadworthy? Did the company put an inexperienced or reckless person behind the wheel?

We also work closely with the family and medical providers after a tractor trailer accident to understand the extent of injuries, the financial harm, the future needs and the degree of pain and suffering.

Committed To Your Recovery After A Crash

The truck companies, employers and insurance companies have powerful defense lawyers. You need the same caliber of legal counsel working for you. If a loved one was injured in a semi accident or any truck-related crash, do not hesitate to call us. Prompt investigation may be critical to your eventual recovery of damages after a catastrophic accident.

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