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Wrongful Termination

Experienced Lawyers Who Fight To Correct Wrongful Termination

Anyone facing the loss of a job has many concerns. Being fired from a job that provides the economic basis to support your family affects all aspects of life. Oklahoma is an “at will” employment law state. Generally, your employer can fire you for any reason at all – even a wrong reason. However, that does not mean that every termination is lawful. Wrongful termination continues to be a problem in the Oklahoma City area, and throughout the state.

We Take On Big Business Interests To Safeguard Workers’ Rights

Glass & Tabor, in Norman, is a well-respected employment law firm that understands what you, as the unlawfully fired employee, is going through. Many workers feel powerless to fight an employer to correct the wrong of an unlawful termination. Our lawyers stand strong to fight for individuals, backed by decades of courtroom experience.

Common forms of unlawful termination in Oklahoma include:

  • Termination based on discriminatory purposes, including disability, race, ethnicity, gender, age, pregnancyand other protected classes
  • Retaliatory discharge for a worker exercising a statutory right such as seeking workers’ compensation benefits, seeking FMLA leave, reporting workplace safety violations or complaining about discrimination or harassment
  • Termination in violation of the terms of an employment contract

We thoroughly review the facts to build a position of strength aimed at obtaining justice in wrongful termination cases. Because we prepare for trial from the start, we have leverage in negotiations to seek a fair and just settlement. When the opposition is unwilling to do the right thing, we are set to present a solid case in court to obtain the best results possible.

When a termination is unlawful, employers often spin their reasoning in different ways, depending on the forum. A letter of termination may provide one basis for the firing, while the explanation provided to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is spun for that process. Our attorneys review the fine details and compare all sources, including any reasoning provided to the unemployment office to detect contradictions and flaws to show the termination was truly unlawful.

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