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Category: Hospital Negligence

Seeking damages for hospital negligence in Oklahoma, Part II

The previous post on this blog discussed situations in which an Oklahoma resident would be fully justified in filing a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging hospital negligence. For example, if a hospital\’s negligence led to long-term medical complications, if a patient is harmed while a hospital is carrying out a fairly

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Precautions against hospital negligence for Oklahoma patients

Hospital negligence is a major concern for many people in Oklahoma and in the rest of the United States. While some medical errors may be managed and corrected with the right intervention at the right time, there still remain some cases where the consequences of hospital negligence are tragic for

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New report shows that medical mistakes happen everywhere

While the following story has nothing to do with the state of Oklahoma, it still serves as an important piece of information about medical negligence and medical malpractice in general. The factors in the following story could happen anywhere. A report from the state of Indiana found a number of

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When communication breaks down, medical mistakes can happen

Communication and interactions between medical staff members are two major factors in medical care that many patients never see. Most people just think about what happens in front of them when they think of “care”: the doctor inspecting you, asking you questions, and writing up prescriptions or suggesting other courses

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