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Proactive steps you can take to reduce malpractice risks

Medical malpractice could jeopardize your safety and completely change the trajectory of your life. While your doctors have the primary responsibility of protecting you from harm, there are also things you can do to lower your risks of malpractice.

Taking a proactive approach to your health might improve your awareness and help you identify concerns before it is too late. Your decision to consistently advocate for your health might end up saving your life at some point.

Ask your doctor questions

Asking questions can help you learn more about your condition and treatment. Educating yourself about your symptoms can make it easier to recognize when the information your doctor gives you contradicts the way you feel. Keeping detailed records of your medical history can also help you determine if your doctor’s recommendations will meet your needs in a safe way.

Seek a second opinion

For severe medical diagnoses especially, seeking a second opinion can open your mind to alternative solutions. Extreme medical problems are not things you should take lightly. Similarly, if your doctor does not diagnose you and you continue to experience concerning symptoms, seeking a second opinion might catch something the first doctor overlooked.

Address concerns immediately

Medical malpractice can have a life-threatening outcome. In fact, according to CNBC, medical malpractice is to blame for nearly 10% of all deaths. If you have concerns about your health or the treatment your doctor provides, addressing your concerns immediately could be a life-saving measure.

Treatment that aligns with your current needs, medical history and diagnosis can provide relief and comfort. Collaborating with your doctor can help you protect yourself from accidental harm.