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Protecting the rights of medication error victims in Oklahoma

As a patient suffering from an ailment, you almost always rely on doctors or medical professionals for error-free treatment to make you feel better. It is the legal and moral duty of a medical professional to provide a patient with the best treatment available for the ailment and conduct the entire treatment procedure with absolute integrity, including prescribing the proper drug with the appropriate dosage.

In spite of the high expected standard of diligence from medical professionals, medication errors are fairly common. Medication error may happen with a prescription for a wrong drug or a dosage mistake. Sometimes, a patient\’s condition is aggravated because the medical professional did not account for allergies or other conditions before prescribing medicine.

A medical professional can also be negligent in monitoring the negative effects of a drug, thereby worsening the patient\’s condition. Such negligence can also occur because of failure on the part of the doctor to identify and monitor contradictory indications. Sometimes, even a silly reason such as bad handwriting can result in a medication error, leading to serious consequences.

Any doctor or healthcare professional can be sued for medical malpractice if he or she failed to treat a patient\’s concern properly. If you, or anyone in the Norman area that you know, is a victim of medical malpractice or pharmacy errors, then that person is legally entitled to claim monetary compensation for loss of income, medical expenses and pain and agony caused due to such error.

You can consult a lawyer and explain how the condition of the patient worsened due to negligence of the doctor or any other medical professional.