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Joan Rivers’ daughter files wrongful death lawsuit against clinic

Norman, Oklahoma, residents know that the loss of a loved one is difficult issue to handle. The difficulties in accepting the loss are greater when it is evident that someone\’s negligence led to the loss. Thankfully, Oklahoma wrongful death laws, which were discussed in one of our earlier posts, were enacted in order to support the survivors\’ feelings and therefore, allow survivors to sue for wrongful deaths.

One such high-profile wrongful death lawsuit that recently grabbed national headlines involves the late actress, producer and television host Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers died at a Manhattan clinic in September. Now her daughter, Melissa Rivers, has filed a lawsuit, which alleges that five doctors and the clinic where she was undergoing a procedure committed medical negligence, which initially sent her mother into a coma and later to her death. The damages being sought, per news reports, amount to millions of dollars.

According to news reports, the clinic at which Joan Rivers was treated performed some unauthorized tests, which allegedly blocked her windpipe and resulted in a brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen. Joan Rivers went into a coma and subsequently died due to her brain injury. Allegedly, while trying to revive Joan Rivers, none of the doctors attempted to clear her windpipe in the appropriate manner so that she could breathe normally again.

Joan Rivers had gone to this clinic for certain routine procedures, but, unfortunately, those otherwise simple procedures turned fatal. There may be some Norman, Oklahoma, residents who have experienced a similar dreadful situation involving their family members or friends. They should know that it may be possible to obtain compensation from responsible parties if their negligence can be proved in court. However, the legal process is often complicated and may require professional help.

Source: Yahoo News, “Melissa Rivers Sues Clinic over Joan Rivers’ Death,” Jan. 27, 2015