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Toyota issues new recall for stalling issue

Oklahoma residents who own Toyota hybrid vehicles may be interested to learn that the manufacturer has issued a new recall. According to a company spokesperson, a software glitch could cause the vehicles to stall. Toyota says that no injuries, deaths or accidents have been linked to the stalling problem so far.

The latest recall involves 625,000 hybrid Toyota cars that were sold in Japan, Europe and North America. Though the vehicles are called different names in each market, they are based on the same design. In the United States market, the five-seat Prius V wagon is being recalled. Toyota says that the vehicles could shut down due to incorrect factory settings that result in certain transistors receiving too much power.

Reports indicate that the software glitch may be fixed with a simple software upgrade that could be performed at a dealership. However, the latest recall is not the only issue that Toyota owners have had to deal with recently. In May, 2.86 million Toyota vehicles were recalled because of serious safety concerns involving faulty airbags. The May recall covered 24 vehicle models that were manufactured between April 2003 and December 2008.

A vehicle that suddenly shuts down in the middle of heavy traffic could cause a serious accident. Someone who has been injured in an accident involving a stalled car may want to talk about the accident with a lawyer. If a vehicle defect was to blame for a crash, the vehicle manufacturer could be liable for the victims\’ injuries.

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