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Delayed symptoms to watch out for after accidents

Oklahoma residents who have been involved in a car accident may not be immediately aware that they have been injured, especially when the injuries received are not readily visible. Right after an accident, a person is often in shock and may not notice symptoms. In some types of injuries, symptoms may also not show up for hours or even several days.

Probably the most widely known delayed injury symptoms are those associated with whiplash, including stiff and painful shoulders and necks. People who have whiplash may also experience numbness in their hands and fingers due to compression on the nerves that go into the arms.

Other symptoms that may indicate a serious injury include headaches. This may indicate that the person may have suffered a head injury or may have developed a blood clot in the brain. Back pain may indicate that the person has damage to bones, nerves or muscles that may require treatment. A painful or swollen abdomen can be a sign of dangerous internal bleeding. A person who experiences a sudden personality change or a reduction in the ability to physically function may have suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Finally, some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder after they have been involved in an accident.

As symptoms of serious injuries may not show up for days following car accidents, it is important for everyone involved to see their respective doctors afterwards to make sure that they do not have hidden injuries. People whose injuries resulted from another driver\’s negligence may then also want to see a personal injury attorney. Legal counsel may be able to help them recover damages to cover their losses, including their medical expenses that have been incurred.