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Tire recalls and auto accidents

When considering auto safety, drivers often overlook the reliability of their tires. Lots of people are not aware that auto tire recalls are issued. Oklahoma drivers who are worried about the safety of their vehicles might benefit from knowing how to look for tire recalls and obtain a product replacement.

Knowing how to find out about tire recalls might prevent an accident due to malfunction, which could lead to a personal injury lawsuit. There are several ways to be informed of tire recalls. One is to set up alerts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for tire recalls. Another way is to register with the tire manufacturer when the tire is bought, but many people do not do this. A final way is to set up a Google alert for the specific tire brand and specifications so that the only alert the consumer will receive is one specific to their tire.

If there is a recall, the driver must know the part of the TIN number embossed on the sidewall of the tire. This indicates when the tire was manufactured, including the week and year. Recalls are based on specific dates so this will help the driver identify if their tire is recalled. Usually, once a recalled tire is found, the manufacturer will cover the cost of the taking the tire off, the labor and putting the tire back on.

Car accidents are not always due to driver error. Parts malfunctions could also cause a serious or even fatal accident. A product recall usually comes after the NHTSA observes that a tire could become a danger on the road. In the case of an accident due to this, the tire manufacturer might be found liable for the accident.