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Expanded recall of Honda cars

Oklahoma motorists who own newer Honda and Acura vehicles may be interested to learn that a vehicle recall has been expanded. On Jan. 30, Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. sent a letter to car dealers in the U.S. to let them know that 2 million Honda and Acura cars are going to be recalled. All of the recalls are due to defective Takata airbags. 

Before the latest vehicle recall, Honda had already recalled over 6 million cars in the U.S. because of Takata airbags. Since 2008, Honda has been recalling cars so that the inflators on Takata airbags could be replaced. The defective airbags can rupture, and nine deaths in the U.S. have been linked to the Takata inflators. 

On Feb. 2, two U.S. senators advised the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue a recall of all cars that have Takata inflators. Right now, there are around 24 million vehicles with Takata inflators in the U.S. The most recent recall by Honda included 269,000 cars in Canada. One of the vehicle models included in the Canadian recall is the 2016 Acura ILX, and reports indicate that the same models that were recalled from Canada are being recalled from the U.S. 

When a defective vehicle part causes an accident or contributes to the severity of the accident victims’ injuries, the car manufacturer may be liable for the damage. However, proving that a defective vehicle part was the cause of a person’s injuries can sometimes be difficult. An attorney can often assist a victim in gathering evidence for an auto product liability claim.