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Autonomous trucking

An autonomous trucking startup company has created a system that would eliminate the necessity of having drivers in commercial trucks during final-mile delivery. This means that commercial truck drivers in Oklahoma and the rest of the nation would be able to control the truck remotely.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and similarly to other autonomous vehicle companies, its technology is comprised of software as well as front- and side-facing radar and camera technology. However, its system allows truckers to be in an office while controlling a truck from a terminal to a final delivery destination.

According to its co-founder, the purpose of the company is to provide drivers more time at home and to the make the occupation and workplace environment more attractive and safer for future truckers. Rather than being anti-trucker, the co-founder states that the system was created by focusing on a trucker\’s perspective in lieu of technology.

The company has an aftermarket retrofit kit that controls the steering, transmission and throttle with robotics; any other action is directed by the driver, who is located in the office. The driver uses the data obtained from the radar and cameras on the truck to understand the truck\’s surroundings.

Even when the truck is in autonomous mode, the driver still maintains control of the truck. The truck can be stopped electronically or mechanically by a remote driver or by a driver occupying the cab. The remote capabilities have yet to be thoroughly tested on the highway, but they have been successful in trucking yards.

Individuals who have sustained injures from truck accidents may wish to speak with a personal injury attorney. The attorney will pursue the responsible parties if improper truck maintenance, falsified logbooks, violations of federal trucking regulations or unsecured cargo contributed to an accident.