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How to combat distracted driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, out of all of the vehicle accident fatalities in 2015 that were attributed to human choice, those that resulted from distracted driving had a percentage rate increase that was higher than the fatalities caused by the failure to wear a seat belt, drunk or drowsy driving or speeding. Oklahoma motorists who are concerned about the growing problem of distracted driving should begin to consider how to avoid the problem.

There are multiple studies that indicate many drivers believe that distracted drivers are more dangerous than drunk drivers. At, individuals at businesses and schools are being educated on how to use defensive driving to protect themselves and their loved ones from distracted drivers.

Engaging in defensive driving entails anticipating that other drivers will make errors and act unexpectedly, usually before a vehicle accident. There are several cognitive tasks that are necessary to drive defensively. They include scanning for possible threats, predicting where the threat will originate, deciding if it is appropriate to act, what actions to take and executing the appropriate reactions to the threats.

Successfully executing these tasks and those needed to avoid the mistakes of another driver requires awareness and concentration. For example, motorists engaged in defensive driving who are approaching an intersection with a green light may opt to keep an eye on other vehicles in case they fail to stop for their red traffic signal.

A personal injury attorney could seek compensation for people who have sustained injuries in car accidents that were the result of the negligent driving behavior of other drivers. Damages sought in a lawsuit could include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other applicable amounts.