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Collision avoidance systems reduce the number of crashes

Oklahoma drivers may not realize that some car manufacturers have been designing collision warning systems for quite some time. Since then, research has shown that certain technology, like lane departure warning systems and blind spot alerts, can prevent car accidents that result in serious injuries.

Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has shown that collision avoidance systems are effective in reducing the number of accidents overall and the number of accidents that result in injuries. The study analyzed about 5,000 car accidents from 2015 that involved the type of impacts the collision avoidance systems were designed to prevent. The numbers showed that the accident rate in vehicles that had warning systems were reduced by 11 percent. When it came to injury-related accidents, the rate was cut by about 21 percent. It is estimated that if all vehicles had collision avoidance systems installed, more than 55,000 injuries would have been prevented in that year.

However, the data also showed that many drivers who had collision avoidance systems in their vehicles were not using them. It was argued that some drivers may shut the systems off because they can be distracting. These particular systems may beep to warn drivers instead of vibrating the seat. Further, these warning systems are not available as standard equipment in most new vehicles.

Although road rules and collision warning systems are available to help drivers prevent car accidents, some people still actively drive recklessly, while they are distracted or when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. If a driver causes a crash due to recklessness or negligence, a personal injury attorney could assist an injured victim in seeking appropriate compensation.