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The dangers of trucks with spiked wheel ornaments

Some trucks in Oklahoma might be more dangerous if they have spiked wheel ornaments. These are decorative fittings attached to the lug nuts of tractor-trailer wheels. Made of plastic, metal or aluminum, they could extend far enough to injure a pedestrian, motorcyclist or bicyclist in an accident.

Around 25 percent of pedestrians and almost 50 percent of bicyclists who are killed in accidents with large trucks impact the side of the truck, so it is clear that these spiked wheel ornaments have the potential to make an accident more serious. Furthermore, they can create a perception of aggression from the perspective of other drivers. This perception was actually raised in one lawsuit in Louisiana involving a truck accident.

In Hawaii, legislation has been passed to regulate wheel ornaments. The legislation refers to \”dangerous wheels,\” which are banned, and the description of potentially dangerous wheels includes ornaments on lug nuts. The ornaments are also banned by some truck companies that feel they do not convey an image of safe and courteous driving.

It is not just accidents with trucks involving pedestrians, motorcyclists or cyclists that can be particularly hazardous. Car-truck collisions can be dangerous as well. In all of these types of accidents, the size of the truck along with any ornamentation may result in more serious injuries. If the truck driver caused the accident, he or she and the trucking company may be financially liable for the injured victim\’s medical expenses. An injured person who receives an inadequate offer of compensation might work with an attorney to file a lawsuit.