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Too much driver confidence may result in accidents

Oklahoma residents could fall asleep without even knowing it while driving. Drivers could also cause an accident by rear-ending another vehicle or after losing control of their vehicle for any reason. Although some may believe that accidents are only caused by poor drivers, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, drivers may actually overrate their own ability to operate a motor vehicle.

According to one survey, 50 percent of those who responded believed that they were in the top 20 percent when it came to skill level. Another common scenario that may result in a car crash is a driver making a rolling right turn at a red traffic light. An accident may occur because the driver is looking to the left watching for oncoming traffic while the car is moving to the right. While the driver is looking away, a vehicle or pedestrian may be coming toward the vehicle from the right.

Making a turn without being able to see oncoming traffic may also increase the risk of an accident. Roughly 12 percent of accidents occur because drivers made a turn when a truck was blocking their view or drove down a road only to see it suddenly come to an end. Drivers may engage in such behaviors because people tend to believe that something only exists if it can be seen.

Drivers who cause rear-end collisions or other car accidents may be liable for damages incurred by crash victims. It may be possible for a crash victim to seek compensation for medical bills or lost wages. Lost future earnings may also be included in a jury award or negotiated settlement. An attorney may use physical evidence or witness statements in an effort to show that negligence played a role in the crash.