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Ford recalls about 350,000 vehicles following rollaway incident

Ford vehicle owners in Oklahoma may be interested to learn that the carmaker initiated a recall for about 350,000 SUVs and trucks due to rollaway concerns. The company stated that it was aware of one reported accident and injury associated with the problem. 

According to reports, the clip that locks the gearshift cable securely to the transmission could become dislodged if it is not fully seated. If the clip does become dislodged, the transmission could shift to a different gear than what was selected by the driver. For example, if the clip dislodged and the driver attempted to put the SUV or truck in park, the vehicle could potentially roll away as soon as the driver opens the door. 

The vehicles affected by the recall include the 2018 Ford F-150 and the 2018 Ford Expedition, both of which feature 10-speed automatic transmissions. The 2018 F-650 and F-750 work trucks with six-speed automatic transmissions were also affected. Any owners of these affected vehicles should seek immediate upgrades from Ford technicians. 

When an accident caused by a vehicle malfunction occurs, the driver and passengers involved could suffer serious injuries. In a rollaway accident where a vehicle moves unexpectedly or in an unexpected way, for example, a driver or passenger could suffer foot or back injuries. An auto product liability attorney may gather evidence that proves that the vehicle had a defect and that the defect caused an accident. Legal counsel could then assist with filing a claim against the automaker, allowing the injured victim to seek compensation for his or her injuries.