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Brake Safety Week coming in September

Commercial truck drivers in Oklahoma might want to check their brakes. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week is scheduled to take place Sept. 16-22. During the event, CVSA inspectors will conduct roadside checks on commercial trucks and pull from service those with critical brake issues.

Brake violations are a common problem in the commercial trucking industry. Brakes can fail and cause accidents if they are not properly installed, inspected and maintained. In 2017, the CVSA conducted Brake Safety Day and found that 14 percent of all inspected vehicles had serious brake violations. Further, brake violations were the top reason vehicles were pulled out of service during the CVSA’s 2017 International Roadcheck. In addition, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study on the causes of large truck crashes found that 32.7 percent of trucks with pre-crash violations had brake issues. The study also found that 45.5 percent of trucks involved in crashes where brakes were a critical factor had pre-crash brake violations. In comparison, 29.9 percent of trucks involved in crashes that were not brake-critical had brake violations.

During Brake Safety Week, CVSA enforcement officials will conduct a 37-step inspection of commercial vehicles. This procedure, known as the North American Standard Level I Inspection, includes a thorough examination of all brake components. Possible brake issues uncovered during the inspection include air or hydraulic fluid leaks, defective rotor conditions, loose or missing parts, worn pads, linings, drums and rotors and mismatched air chamber sizes. Trucks operating in the 12 jurisdictions that use performance-based brake testing will also have their braking efficiency evaluated.

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