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Does your doctor have a history of making mistakes?

If you found out that your doctor had one or more successful malpractice claim filed against them, you might be nervous about your treatment. All of this might make you worry that you or your loved ones might not be receiving proper diagnoses or treatment.

It turns out that most doctors who lose malpractice claims keep working in their field. A recent study shows that they may make some changes—but most are still treating patients. It also shows that if your doctor made mistakes before, they are more likely to make them again.

Some scary statistics

The number of repeat offenders when it comes to medical malpractice can be scary. Statistics show that successful claims do not slow most doctors down:

  • 2 percent of doctors receive 40 percent of malpractice claims
  • Over 90 percent of doctors with at least five successful claims against them keep working
  • Doctors with higher numbers of claims see just as many patients as those with none
  • Physicians who receive more claims are more likely to switch to smaller practices with less supervision

Since most repeat offenders are still practicing today, it’s a good idea to research your doctor’s background. A malpractice-prone doctor could misdiagnose or mistreat you or your family members.

Most doctors don’t have any malpractice claims

Those statistics might scare you, but most doctors do not commit malpractice. 89 percent of doctors have had no successful claims filed against them.

Even if someone accused your doctor of malpractice, keep in mind that only one third of malpractice claims are successful. Just because someone tried to sue your doctor does not mean that malpractice occurred.

Despite these more positive statistics, there is still a chance that a repeat offender is treating you. You might worry about the care you are receiving if you find out that your doctor has a pattern of medical malpractice.

You may want to look up your doctor with your state’s medical board or county court records to find out their history. If you discover that your doctor has a history of negligence, an attorney could help you hold them accountable and prevent medical mistakes from being made repeatedly.