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How to keep your new driver safe on the road

While earning a driver’s license is a milestone for teens, parents are often less enthusiastic about the idea of their child behind the wheel. Although teen drivers have an increased risk for auto accident injury, encouraging good habits can produce safe motorists. 

These tips can help your new driver stay safe and prevent a catastrophe. 

Always wear a seat belt 

Set a good example for your teen by buckling up on every ride, no matter how short. A safety belt can save your life in an auto accident. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 47% of car accident fatalities in 2017, the person was not wearing a seat belt. 

Provide lots of practice 

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that teens should get about 50 hours of practice over six months to become a safe, confident driver. In fact, Oklahoma requires teens who have a permit to demonstrate at least 50 hours of supervised practice to apply for an intermediate license. Once your child earns his or her learner’s permit, offer plenty of opportunities for supervised driving in a variety of road and weather conditions. 

Limit passengers 

Oklahoma has a graduated license program for new drivers. After six months with a learner’s permit, a teen will earn an intermediate license. With this type of license, he or she can only have one passenger who does not live with the family unless supervised by a licensed driver age 21 and older. 

Eliminate driving distractions 

Make sure your teen knows the Oklahoma laws about phone use behind the wheel, and set a good example by removing distractions and devices when you drive. The state banned texting and driving in 2019, and a violation will result in a $100 fine. According to the state Department of Transportation, 27% of fatal distracted driving crashes involve teens. 

Safe driving habits will last your teen a lifetime. Set the stage to avoid accidents with these best practices.