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4 signs of employment discrimination

Ideally, your workplace is a place where you can communicate with other people who have similar goals as you. Productivity and respect should thrive in workplaces so that everyone can contribute to the workplace in a meaningful way. 

It would be ideal if every workplace was that way, but the truth is that some places do not treat employees equally. Workplace discrimination is illegal, but it still occurs. If it’s happening to you,  consider legal involvement as an option. Bringing forward a discrimination allegation can be scary, but before you do so, you should understand common signs of employment discrimination. 

Minimal Diversity

Minimal diversity is a big sign of discriminatory hiring practices. If you find that your coworkers are the same age, gender or race, this is a red flag. Workplaces should strive to be as diverse as possible. If you’re different from your co-workers and you find that you’re treated differently, legal action might be necessary. 


Favoritism is a big issue in many workplaces. If you notice different, better treatment towards your co-workers than what you receive, this is a big sign of employment discrimination. If you notice the some of your co-workers have better parking spaces, better assignments, or better offices, they’re likely receiving preferential treatment, resulting in discrimination towards you and your other co-workers. 

High Turnover Rate

While this may not seem like a red flag, it’s an issue if employees are constantly resigning. This means that many people were not happy with the work environment of your workplace. It’s not common for workplaces to have large amounts of people quit, and oftentimes discrimination is the reason for high turnover rates. 

Inappropriate Jokes

Inappropriate jokes are one of the ways the discrimination finds itself in the workplace. Overhearing an inappropriate joke or having co-workers that make you uncomfortable with the things they say is unacceptable. This is a stressful situation and many people use the excuse that they were just joking. Distasteful jokes about gender, religion, race or other subjects protected by law have no place in the workplace. 

Remember that you have every right as an employee to be in a workplace where you’re comfortable and respected. If you face discrimination in your workplace, there are many legal routes that you can take to help you through this difficult situation.