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How can bicyclists stay safe?

When a bicycle and vehicle have an accident, the bicycle will always suffer the most damage, which means that keeping cyclists safe is imperative. It is the duty of everyone to understand the rules and regulations for bicycles on roadways.

The Norman Transcript explains that for the highest level of safety, bicycles should act like vehicles and vehicles should treat bicycles like any other vehicle. This includes following the same laws.


While that may be the best case to keep bicycles safe, you should note that Norman allows bicycles to either act as vehicles or pedestrians. This can complicate things, and it creates confusion, which can lead to accidents if people cannot identify whether a bicycle is acting as a vehicle or pedestrian.

To avoid confusion, it is best to stick to riding on the road or riding on the sidewalk for the duration of your travel. You should not move from one to the other. Also, keep in mind that when acting as a pedestrian, you must get off your bicycle and walk it through crosswalks. If you are riding in a crosswalk and there is an accident, you face liability for the accident.

Riding on the roads

If you are on the road, then you must follow all of the same traffic laws as vehicles. You must signal when turning and make sure to obey all signs and traffic signals. You also must ride with the flow of traffic.

If there is a bike lane, you do not have to use it. However, you should ride as close to the right side of the road as possible. Do be aware of potential hazards, such as sewer grates, that may require you to move away from the side of the road and make vehicles aware before swerving around such obstacles.

You should also be aware if you are sharing the road with a cyclist and you wish to pass, you must allow three feet of distance between you and the bike.