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Keeping your passenger safe on a motorcycle

The risk for catastrophic injury is much higher for motorcycle riders as compared to those in traditional passenger vehicles. However, with some careful planning and practice on the back of a bike, motorcyclists can lessen the likelihood of sustaining an injury.

It is also important for motorcycle passengers to prepare properly for a ride as well. According to Motosport, a good motorcycle passenger should understand how to conduct themselves and wear appropriate protection gear.

How should a motorcycle passenger behave? 

Being the passenger on the back of a motorcycle is different than sitting in the passenger seat of a four-wheel vehicle. For instance, a motorcycle passenger should not be making any sudden movements or adjustments as this could potentially throw off the balance of the bike.

Motorcycle passengers should not put down their feet when the motorcycle stops. Again, this could cause a shift in weight and make the driver drop the bike. Instead, a passenger should put his or her feet on the pegs of the bike and keep them there. It is also wise for the passenger to understand where he or she should hold on to the driver.

What should a motorcycle passenger wear? 

A motorcycle passenger should gear up the exact same way that the driver is to promote safety. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see a motorcycle rider in full leathers with a passenger wearing nothing but cutoff jeans and flip-flops. This is very dangerous.

At absolute minimum, a motorcycle passenger should be wearing a DOT-approved helmet. It is better for the passenger to also wear an armored jacket, sturdy pants and boots.