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Statistics on fatal bus accidents

If you were struck by a large bus during a traffic collision, you likely have many different hurdles to work through. For example, you could have a serious injury to deal with, as well as mental trauma and costly medical bills. Sadly, many of these accidents prove fatal and due to the massive size of buses, the impact is often especially devastating. 

It is helpful for bus accident victims and all drivers to go over statistics on deadly bus accidents in order to develop a better understanding of this serious problem and the prevalence of these wrecks. 

Looking at the number of fatal bus wrecks

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, during 2018, 15 intercity buses and 85 school buses were involved in deadly accidents. Although this represents a decline in comparison to previous years, many lives were shattered in these wrecks and even more buses were involved in non-fatal accidents that caused injuries. Between 2008 and 2018, school bus crashes made up 40 percent of all deadly wrecks involving buses. 

Looking at your recovery after a bus crash

Whether your child was hurt while riding in a school bus or you were injured after you were struck by a negligent tour bus driver, it is imperative to explore all of your options and do everything in your power to recover. Aside from focusing on your physical injuries, you also need to take the emotional and financial impact of the wreck into account. Sadly, more and more bus accidents will continue to claim lives and negligent bus drivers who cause these wrecks must answer for their actions on the road.