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The risk of a fatal pedestrian accident at different times

Whether you walk home from work at night, enjoy getting exercise alongside the road in the early morning hours or walk near traffic at any time, you need to recognize the dangers you face. Sadly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 5,900 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents during 2017. By reviewing statistics on fatal pedestrian accidents, pedestrians have the ability to understand when the likelihood of an accident is especially high and stay safe. 

Moreover, you need to remember that pedestrians accidents can occur at any time and always remain vigilant when walking near the road. 

Reviewing data on deadly pedestrian accidents

The NHTSA states that in 2017, a majority of pedestrians who died lost their lives in accidents that took place when it was dark (75%). In the spring and summer months, more pedestrians died between 9 PM and 11:59 PM than other time periods. However, in the fall and winter, more fatal pedestrian accidents occurred between 6 PM and 8:59 PM than other 3-hour intervals. On weekdays, more fatal pedestrian accidents occurred between 6 PM and 8:59 PM, but more deadly pedestrian accidents happened between 9 PM and 11:59 PM on weekends. 

Other statistics on fatal pedestrian accidents

During 2017, 70% of the pedestrians who died in traffic accidents were male. Furthermore, 19% of kids 14 and younger who died in traffic accidents were pedestrians. The average age of pedestrians who lost their lives in 2017 was 47. However, it is important to keep in mind that pedestrians face the risk of a deadly accident regardless of their background or the time of day.