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How can a serious motorcycle crash impact your memory?

After getting into a motorcycle crash, you may deal with many potential health effects. Of course, injury to the head and brain can still happen even if you wear a helmet. These areas of damage often affect you in many different ways, too.

For example, memory damage or loss is one of the big potential repercussions associated with brain injuries. But in what ways can your memory suffer?

The area of injury

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center takes a look at how brain injuries impact memory. Of course, the impact on your memory directly relates to the amount of damage done and the area of the brain that suffered.

For example, damage to the frontal lobe is a common point of injury, especially in motorcycle crashes. This is where short term memory is first stored. It is also the location for the area of brain that controls inhibition. This is why many people with injury to the frontal lobe have trouble mitigating their reactions and may act or behave in an unusually rash manner.

Short term memory storage

The medial temporal lobe is where short term memory ends up translated into long term memory and sent to other locations for long term storage. If this area suffers damage, your brain cannot process short term memories and store them as needed. This makes it difficult to remember things like important dates, appointments or chores that you need to get done.

This damage can last anywhere from hours to years. In some cases, it is irreversible. But the only way to know is by seeking medical attention and getting the appropriate diagnosis for your injury. From there, you can work toward healing and gaining compensation for your harm.