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What is the right of way for pedestrians?

It is the job of everyone using the roadways to look out for the more vulnerable. Pedestrians are always the most at risk for serious injuries in an accident.

To keep them safe or yourself safe if you are walking, you need to understand the right of way laws. According to the City of Tulsa, vehicles should usually give the right of way to pedestrians, but if you are on foot, you need to be aware of when you should expect the right of way.


When a roadway has pedestrian signals, you should always obey them. Do not try to enter the roadway when your signal says to not walk. This could put you in the direct path of moving traffic. However, even when the signal tells you to walk, you should look both ways before entering the road to check for vehicles making turns or running red lights.

As a driver, you need to always be cautious when making a turn to look out for any pedestrians on the road.


In most situations, when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk, he or she has the right of way. However, be aware that the law says you only have the right of way as a pedestrian on the side of the road you are walking. For example, on a two-lane road when you enter from the right, you would have the right of way on the right side until you pass to the left side. Then, you would have the right of way on the left side.

Whether you are walking or driving, you must be alert in crosswalks. As a driver, be aware of someone using the crosswalk and stop if the person would be in danger if you proceed. As a walker, make sure to look both ways once you begin to cross the centerline of the street to ensure all vehicles stop.

Also, keep in mind that as a pedestrian, you should never enter the road in front of a vehicle unless you know it can stop.