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How do doctors treat internal bleeding?

During an automobile accident, victims may sustain various injuries, such as internal bleeding. For serious forms of trauma, those injured must receive proper treatment, especially if they have grounds for a personal injury suit.

WebMD breaks down medical options for addressing internal bleeding and abdominal pain. Those injured should know all their options for recovering from another’s negligence.

Imaging tests

CT scans and ultrasounds help medical professionals determine whether a person suffers from internal bleeding or something similar. Imaging tests also help doctors and specialists develop effective treatment plans, as test results help physicians determine how much bleeding they must address and the extent of a patient’s internal injuries.

IV fluids and blood transfusions

Accident victims who lose a substantial amount of blood may require a blood transfusion or IV fluids to recover. Other than using fluids and transfusions to respond to low blood pressure, the two treatments also help prevent a loss of pressure.


Medical professionals could recommend a procedure to address internal injuries. Bleeding and injury location determine which surgical option makes the most sense. For instance, a thoracotomy helps resolve bleeding around the lungs or heart. The procedure involves cutting along the breastbone or ribcage to pinpoint the bleeding and keep vital organs safe from the effects of bleeding.

Patients who suffer bleeding around the abdominal area may undergo an exploratory laparotomy. During the surgery, medical professionals explore the abdomen via an incision to address leaking blood vessels with sutures or heat probes.

Medical treatment options for personal injuries could affect a legal claim. By understanding the extent of their injuries and treatment costs, victims better understand how to build their case.