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A look at fatal pedestrian accidents

If you enjoy walking to work, getting exercise or jogging near the road, it is vital to understand the risks you face. Every year, many pedestrians sustain injuries after vehicles hit them and some even lose their lives. These fatal pedestrian accidents occur for a host of reasons and you should review risk factors associated with deadly pedestrian accidents in order to reduce the likelihood of a fatal accident.

Some families have already lost loved ones due to negligent drivers who caused pedestrian accidents. Although no amount of compensation can make up for losing a loved one, these families deserve justice.

Statistics on fatal pedestrian accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 6,205 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents over the course of 2019. To look at this figure in another way, traffic crashes claimed pedestrian lives every 85 minutes during 2019. Fatal pedestrian accidents take place for many reasons. Some result from drunk driving or speeding and many deaths occur due to distracted driving.

Preventing fatal pedestrian accidents

Both drivers, as well as pedestrians, can take steps to reduce the likelihood of a fatal pedestrian accident. Drivers should exhibit caution during the night and when visibility is poor, slow down when approaching crosswalks, stay within the speed limit and obey other traffic safety guidelines and drive carefully in school zones.

As a pedestrian, you can wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night to help drivers see you. If possible, try to walk on the sidewalk and always cross the road in a safe location.