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Drowsy driving and commercial motor vehicle crashes

If you drive a commercial vehicle, a large truck or any other type of vehicle, it is essential to understand the dangers associated with driver fatigue. Commercial motor vehicle drivers become fatigued for many different reasons, and drowsy drivers pose a serious threat to others.

If you worry about finding yourself involved in a commercial vehicle accident, it is imperative to remain alert at all times. Moreover, if a drowsy driver caused an accident, make sure you focus on all facets of the recovery process, including your finances.

Statistics on drowsy driving and commercial motor vehicles

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial motor vehicle drivers fall asleep behind the wheel for various reasons, but the leading risk factors include sleep-related problems, unhealthy lifestyles and working excessive hours. Moreover, a study found that 13% of commercial motor vehicle drivers involved in accidents struggled with fatigue when the crash took place.

Strategies to avoid drowsy driving

The FMCSA outlines a number of ways that drivers can stay alert and decrease the likelihood of a motor vehicle collision, which is especially important for those whose job duties place them behind the wheel for long periods of time every day. Drivers should get a sufficient amount of sleep, take naps when necessary, eat healthily and watch out for signs of drowsiness. Moreover, many medications (including those sold over the counter) can cause drowsiness.

Unfortunately, drowsy drivers sometimes cause accidents that leave victims with devastating injuries. If you are struggling to pay medical costs, suffering due to painful injuries or have other hardships after such an accident, stand up for your rights.