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McClain County collision kills three

Driving on any of Oklahoma’s many roads and highways brings with it an inherent risk. Most motorists in the state understand this, yet choose to drive their cars anyway. This is likely due to the assumption that the others they encounter on the road around them care just as much as they do about avoiding accidents.

More often than not, this assumption proves true. Yet everyone is subject to those rare scenarios where a driver may be blatantly reckless or negligent (or allow a momentary bit of impatience or frustration to prompt them to drive in a manner they otherwise wouldn’t). In any such case, the consequences of such actions can have a devastating (and far-reaching) impact.

Fatal accident along State Highway 39

A recent accident that occurred along State Highway 39 near Purcell reinforces this fact. According to the local NBC News affiliate, two vehicles collided head-on during the evening hours. Authorities investigating the accident report that the driver of one of the vehicles became impatient waiting for the cars in front of her and chose to enter the oncoming traffic lane in an attempt to pass them. Sadly, her truck then hit an approaching SUV. Three of the four occupants of the SUV died in the collision, with the lone surviving being an infant girl whose car seat saved her life.

Compensation following a car accident

While few may likely assign deliberate intent to the driver in the aforementioned story (and others like her), one cannot overlook their liability. Given that their actions impose a dramatic toll on those involved (in both lives lost and expenses accrued), most might understand the need accident victims have for compensation. Oftentimes, adequate compensation only comes as a result of legal action.