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What is a pedestrian’s right of way?

When out on the public roads, it is most important to keep an eye out for those who are at greater risk than you. The group always at greatest risk are pedestrians, so it makes sense to watch out for them in particular.

One of the ways you can keep both pedestrians and yourself safe is through understanding and observing right of way laws.

Following road signs

The City of Tulsa discusses a pedestrian’s right of way. First, as a pedestrian, you must focus on the road signals. If a road has signals for pedestrians, you should note them and obey them. This means staying on the sidewalk if your walk sign tells you not to cross.

Even when your sign gives you right of way, you should always look both ways before crossing the street. This allows you to keep an eye out for drivers who might have gone through a red light, or may make a reckless turn without first checking to see if it is clear of pedestrians.

Which side is your right of way?

Additionally, note that having the right of way only applies to the side of the road you walk on. For example, if you enter from the right on a two-lane road, you have the right of way on the right side until you get to the left side. Likewise, if you start from the left, you have the right of way on the left side.

As for drivers, it is important to note that pedestrians in a crosswalk almost always have the right of way. Generally speaking, due to the sheer size and strength difference, juries will side with pedestrians, which is important to note.