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Could physical therapy optimize recovery from injury?

A severe accident in Oklahoma can leave you facing an uphill recovery battle. Sometimes, resources such as physical therapy will enable you to achieve an optimal recovery.

When you know the benefits of participating in physical therapy, you might have a higher incentive to try it. Consistently following the advice of your medical team and modifying your treatment as needed can yield the highest benefit possible.

Improve your condition

The exercises recommended for you in physical therapy consider your condition, your restraints and your goal for recovery. According to U.S. News, depending on your injury, targeted therapy can help you maintain independence. It might also help you avoid additional surgeries and opioid drugs, while also giving you the chance to return to the activities you love.

The only way for physical therapy to provide consistent and noticeable results is when your health care team customizes exercises to meet your needs. As you make improvements, you may need to modify the frequency and intensity of your therapy to maintain your body’s response.

Prevent worse injury

Inadequately or improperly handling a severe injury can substantially increase your risk of worsening injuries. You might also develop illnesses that result from poor physical health and prolonged injury. Without the right recovery approach, your mental health might plummet and you could experience anxiety and depression.

For severe injuries, the time you participate in physical therapy could extend months or even years. Your consistent effort to do your best can help you protect your health and provide your body with the resources it needs to restore optimal function.