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Why do wrong-site surgical errors still occur so frequently?

Modern surgery allows doctors to treat a variety of ailments, ranging from cancer to traumatic injuries. Still, surgery is an inherently invasive procedure that requires physicians to have extensive training and experience. While skilled, surgeons are not perfect.

A wrong-site surgical error happens when doctors operate on the wrong part of the body. According to reporting from WebMD, these errors occur roughly 40 times every single week somewhere in the U.S. Why is this type of medical malpractice so common in modern times?

Technician errors

Even though it is bizarre to think about a surgeon operating on the wrong part of your body, the operating room can be a confusing place. When technicians position and reposition patients during long procedures, the surgeon simply may not realize he or she is operating on the wrong spot.

The surgeon’s mistake

It is certainly possible for a surgeon to make a mistake. A doctor may be more prone to error if he or she has either too much stress or not enough rest. The same is true if the doctor is under the influence of alcohol or another substance. Still, most of the wrong-site surgeries in the U.S. occur after a systematic failure of multiple safeguards.

Hospital errors

From examination and lab work to diagnosis and treatment, you go through many stages when visiting the hospital. Each of these stages should have procedures in place to minimize surgical errors. If something breaks down during one or more phases of your hospital visit, though, you may be at risk of a wrong-site surgical error.

Regardless of the reason for the wrong-site surgical error, it may cause you to suffer additional harm. Ultimately, by pursuing financial compensation, you are likely to have the resources you need to obtain better care.