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What is a frontal lobe injury?

In a crash or other incident resulting in head injury, damage to the frontal lobe often proves one of the biggest concerns. This area of the brain makes up a third of the brain’s total mass and controls numerous mental functions and more.

So what happens when this area of the brain ends up injured? What does this look like for the sufferer?

Functions of the frontal lobe

Physiopedia talks about damage to the frontal lobe of the brain. This area of the brain actually contains several lobes which include the premotor cortex, the motor cortex, the supplementary motor cortex, the orbital cortex, the prefrontal cortex and the Broca’s Area.

The functions that these various lobes control range vastly and include:

  • Voluntary movement
  • Smooth, controlled movement
  • Concentration and working memory
  • Motor control of speech
  • Procedural memory and preparation for motion
  • Voluntary eye movements

Thus, these are also the areas that end up impacted if a victim ends up suffering from damage to the frontal lobe.

What damage may occur

Of course, the exact type of damage depends on numerous factors. This can include the age and health of the victim, whether or not they get quick medical care, the force behind the injuring blow and more.

Some common examples of changes that these victims face can include the alteration of one’s personality. Many loved ones of these victims report that some of the hardest changes to handle include a sudden increase in unpredictability, agitation and irritation. The victim may even lash out at loved ones despite not doing this before.

These injuries serve as major disruptions in the lives of victims and their loved ones alike, making it even more important to understand them.