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How can opened car doors lead to serious motorcycle accidents?

Riding a motorcycle can bring with it feelings of freedom as you travel on the open road. However, when cars or trucks are near you, you could face safety concerns.

One danger smaller vehicles like motorcycles face that other ones do not is how the mistimed opening of a car door can lead to a crash.

Hurried or distracted drivers

According to the United States Department of Transportation, this kind of accident happens when a driver sits in their car after parking it and does not properly check for oncoming traffic. Since motorcycles are smaller and harder to see, drivers need to make sure to look behind them and to the side before they open their doors.

Serious back and spine injuries can leave you unable to walk after this accident. You may also have brain trauma that can interfere with your ability to hold conversations and hear or see correctly.

Poor weather and large objects

When it is raining or snowing, people inside cars may feel rushed to get out as soon as possible. They could fail to take precautions and may assume no one is coming up the road. Signs or items that obscure the view from the driver’s seat can also contribute to an accident, but the driver is responsible for looking around them.

Falling off your motorcycle after this accident happens can leave you with more severe injuries if you also hit another moving vehicle. People who open doors on busy roads, especially if they are in bad weather, can cause motorcycle accidents.