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How do back injuries happen at work?

While back injuries can happen anywhere and at any time, the workplace is one of the top spots where people injure their backs.

Why is this the case? What are the biggest potential threats for back injuries on the job?

Risks related to the job

Mayo Clinic discusses factors that can cause back pain and injury at work. First, there are issues with the job itself. Some jobs are more demanding on a person’s back. This can range from jobs that require people to lift heavy objects, to jobs that involve a lot of sitting, i.e. desk work, which keeps a person from moving and stretching in a healthy way.

Job safety failures

Next, there are problems with job safety. In some jobs, there are more risks for injury simply because the job itself is riskier. This is often the case with industrial positions and jobs in construction. These jobs should have appropriate safety measures in place to reduce natural risk.

In other cases, lapses in proper health and safety regulations can lead to back injuries. For example, if someone cleans a floor without leaving behind proper warning, another person could slip and hurt their back.

Injuries from accidents

Finally, there are back injuries that occur because of accidents. Whether it is negligence, a lack of foresight, poor maintenance of equipment, or simply people being in the wrong place at the wrong time, back injuries can happen anywhere.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents are avoidable. This is why victims will often seek compensation for the damages they suffered from.