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How do distractions play an important role in medication errors?

A doctor or medical professional who is often overwhelmed can make poor decisions while filling out a prescription or talking to you.

When these preventable mistakes happen, you could suffer from serious physical consequences without realizing why.

Writing incorrect numbers

According to the National Library of Medicine, a doctor who is busy talking to other people or staff members may look away or write down the wrong number for the dosage of medicine you need. Even momentary distractions or loud noises can take their mind away from a conversation.

Mixing up the number of times you should take the drug or what amount of the drug is safe to take can leave you with long-term health problems.

Confusing the drug names

Similar-sounding drug names can cause confusion for doctors who are rushing through a visit or trying to split their attention between multiple people. When writing down or discussing your medicine dosage with you, they may tell you the wrong name and fail to correct it.

This unknown drug may cause severe reactions that put your life in danger if the doctor does not check your medical information. Allergies or other medicines you take can potentially interact poorly with this new drug in your system.

Failing to provide explanations and instructions

While talking with a doctor, you may have questions about how to use the drug or administer it safely. When this professional is not fully attentive, you could walk away with incorrect or insufficient instructions.

Staying aware of distractions and realizing the huge impact they have on doctors can help you if you are suffering from medical malpractice.