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How I can prevent motorcycle crashes?

Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, but also very dangerous. The Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that eighty percent of all motorcycle crashes reported end in injury or death.

This is why it is paramount for riders to understand how to keep themselves safe on the roads. According to State Farm, motorcyclists should make sure to gear up and stay visible, as well as stay alert at intersections.

Gear up, stay visible

Before you get on your bike, make sure that you have long pants and an armored jacket made out of genuine leather or tough textile. Do not wear “fashion” motorcycle apparel: this will not protect you in a crash or a slide. You should also wear gloves, eye protection, boots that protect your ankles and a DOT-approved helmet at all points.

It is also a good idea to wear bright colors on a motorcycle, despite the classic biker color being black. Make sure to keep your headlight on and use your horn liberally if you do not think a motorist can see you well.

Stay alert at intersections

Around half of all crashes take place at intersections. You will want to be especially cautious of cars making a left-hand turn: often, they are blind to motorcyclists and can turn directly into you. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of space to maneuver if it is necessary. Never try to weave between lanes at intersections.

Riding a motorcycle is a risk, but the right gear and constant vigilance can bring down the potential for danger. Make sure to ride safely, and never drink and drive.