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Older adults and fall-related injury risks

If you fall down, you could deal with many hardships afterward, especially as an older adult. It is essential to understand the risks that you face with respect to these accidents, and you should also focus on the different ways in which a fall could turn your life upside down.

Regrettably, many older adults find themselves in this position each year.

Risk factors for older adult falls

The National Institute on Aging recently published information on older adult falls. According to the NIA, those 65 and older face a number of risk factors that increase the likelihood of a fall, and the impact of these accidents often has an especially devastating impact on victims. Some older adults become particularly vulnerable as a result of age-related declines regarding vision, reflexes and hearing. Also, health conditions can affect balance and some medications can lead to dizziness.

Many older adults fall down due to safety hazards such as wet floors, uneven steps, clutter and ice. Unfortunately, some of these accidents occur due to the negligence of a property owner or business owner.

The aftermath of an older adult fall

In the wake of a fall, you could face various challenges as an older adult. You could suffer a serious injury, such as a broken bone, and this could lead to more significant complications. An accident could leave you unable to live independently and you could become permanently disabled. It is also important to understand the financial impact of falls. From lost income to medical costs and rehabilitation, these accidents can become very expensive.