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What drivers need to know about large truck blind spots

Every time you get behind the wheel, it is likely that you will share the road with large commercial trucks. It is such a regular occurrence that you might not feel any hesitation toward driving alongside a semi-trailer, but it might be more dangerous than you think if you are unaware of the vehicle’s blind spots.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports 4,014 deaths in large truck crashes for the year 2020, and it is not unreasonable to conclude that poor acknowledgment of blind spots plays a role in this statistic. You keep yourself safer on the road by learning more about large truck blind spots.

There are large blind spots in the passing zones

The blind spots along both the left and right sides of a semi-trailer truck are larger than many passenger vehicles. It is easy to slip into these blind spots and remain completely unnoticed by the truck driver. You should always confirm that you have ample time to completely and safely overtake a large truck before entering its passing zones.

There is a large blind spot in front of the truck

The height and size of a truck’s cab make it impossible for the driver to see the area immediately beyond the hood. This blind spot extends as far as six feet in front of the truck, making it a very dangerous space for pedestrians and even certain vehicles.

Large blind spots can make passenger vehicles completely invisible to truck drivers, and the risk is even greater for bicyclists, motorcycle riders and those operating any other vehicle with a smaller profile.