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What are the keys to safe winter driving?

Spring may be just around the corner, but winter weather is still possible. It is never too late to make sure you understand how to drive safely on snow and ice-covered roads.

Even if you are a new driver or new to an area that sees winter weather, you can learn a few keys to driving safer.

Increase your focus

As with any adverse weather conditions, you want to increase your focus and attention when driving in the winter. You have to be aware of road conditions and what is happening around you. It is essential to not let your attention divert from the task at hand.

Reduce speed

One of the best things to do when driving on winter roads is to slow down. Speed limits are for nice weather conditions. When things get bad, you need to go below the set limit. Reducing your speed can increase your safety in almost all winter weather conditions because it gives you more control over your vehicle and increases your reaction time.

Increase following distance

Another great tip is to increase the space between you and other vehicles. Make sure that you leave a lot of room. This will give you more reaction time. It also will help you stay out of the path of vehicles that may slip and slide around.

Using these tips can greatly increase your safety as you travel on winter roadways. You also can note these things if you are in an accident caused by someone else as they could become the evidence you need for a personal injury claim.