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What are the signs of internal bleeding?

After a traumatic accident, internal bleeding can result in serious complications. Unfortunately, internal bleeding can also fly under the radar.

Internal bleeding can occur due to blunt trauma or penetrating trauma. In cases of blunt trauma, your blood vessels become torn or crushed during the incident. Penetrating trauma, on the other hand, causes tears in one or more blood vessels. Internal bleeding requires urgent medical attention, so it helps to know what symptoms to watch out for.

Pay attention to pain and swelling

Any pain and swelling after an accident requires medical attention. However, if you have pain or swelling in your abdomen, you could have internal bleeding from your liver or spleen. As the bleeding continues, your symptoms will become worse. Any swelling or tightness in your leg can also indicate bleeding in your thigh. Often, internal bleeding in your thigh occurs when you have a fractured thigh bone.

Watch out for bruising and skin discoloration

You may be able to see bleeding under the skin. If you have a large area of deep, purple skin, the blood may be traveling into the skin and soft tissue. If you have a lot of bruising from an accident, look out for other symptoms of internal bleeding. You may also want to have a CT scan to ensure that you do not have internal bleeding.

While you cannot see the bleeding, internal bleeding is the same as external. As you lose blood, you may become lightheaded, dizzy and may faint. Likewise, if you have bleeding in the brain, you may experience persistent headaches or seizures.