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Disability Discrimination

Representing Workers In Disability Discrimination And ADA Claims

Many people in Oklahoma with disabilities lead highly productive lives. Earning a living is critical. Unfortunately, there are employers in the greater Oklahoma City area, and across the state, who unlawfully discriminate against qualified individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act and its amendments provides strong protection for individuals who have a disability to fully engage in the workforce.

Glass & Tabor is a formidable employment law firm in Norman, Oklahoma, that is committed to fighting against discrimination in the workplace. Our lawyers have substantial experience in obtaining effective results for victims of employment discrimination.

Disability Discrimination Is Unlawful

Employers are prohibited from taking any kind of adverse action or disparate treatment against a worker who is qualified to perform the essential functions of his or her job based upon an actual or perceived disability. The prohibition includes not only hiring and firing decisions, but also decisions involving work assignments, promotions, demotions, wages and other terms and conditions of employment.

Understanding Reasonable Accommodations

Moreover, employers are required under the law to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified job applicants or employees who have disabilities to allow them equal access to the workforce. The law does not specifically define what is a reasonable accommodation for every situation. Employers are not always reasonable in offering accommodations. Similarly, some businesses attempt to claim that an accommodation would create an undue hardship for the business.

Our attorneys know how to investigate and analyze the facts to find evidence of unlawful discrimination. Reasonable accommodations are fact-specific for each situation, but some general examples of accommodations may include:

  • Providing an ergonomic workstation or specialized equipment to allow the worker to perform his or her job duties
  • Altering policies or a work schedule to facilitate telecommuting
  • Providing accessible access to the workspace and restrooms
  • Provide a TTY device and relay service provider
  • Provide voice recognition or dictation software for workers suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Alter job duties
  • Provide reading assistance or an interpreter
  • Reassign the worker to another open role

Let Us Protect Your Right To Work

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