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Inadequate Security & Assault Injuries

Can You Get Compensation For Inadequate Security & Assault Injuries?

Property owners have a duty to ensure that the patrons who park in their parking lots, walk through their stories or climb their stairs are safe. Simply stated, they must provide an environment free of hazards. When property owners fail to put safety first, injury victims may be able to pursue compensation.

When Criminal Acts And Accidents Are Caused By Inadequate Security

When it comes to the hiring of security staff, safety is never more important. You want your customers to feel safe. Falling short of proper staffing levels and recruitment of qualified personnel can lead to criminal acts taking the form of violence, ranging from physical attacks to rape to murder.

  • Poor lighting
  • Lack of security cameras
  • Lack of roaming security staff members
  • Lack of a fence or enclosure around the property
  • Failure to warn patrons and tenants of recurring criminal activity

At Glass & Tabor, our Oklahoma City attorneys know that criminals thrive on property defects at shopping centers, hotels, motels, apartment complexes, and parking garages and lots. The lack of security and lighting is an opportunity to the criminally inclined.

On your behalf, we hold property owners and managers accountable for falling short on the most basic standards of safety. We conduct in-depth reviews of police and private security records to identify instances of criminal activities and specific areas where these acts occur.

Customers are entitled to safe surroundings. When they are injured in a criminal attack, we get to work on holding the property owner accountable.

Protecting Your Rights When Property Owners Failed To Protect Your Well-Being

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