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Insurance Bad Faith In Storm Damage Claims

Insurance Bad Faith In Storm Damage Claims

If your claim for property damage from a storm has been flatly and unfairly denied, it is not just a “dispute.” You may have a case for insurance bad faith. Our firm has had success taking insurance companies to task for denying valid storm claims.

Contact our office in Norman, Oklahoma, to discuss your legal remedies, including a possible lawsuit for bad faith denial. If you win your case, you can recover not only the losses but punitive damages. Attorneys of Glass & Tabor handle storm damage claims and litigation on behalf of property owners in Oklahoma City and statewide.

“Not Storm-Related” And Other Bad Faith Denials

Every policy is a little bit different as to what the insurance does and does not cover. We can help you recover compensation for all applicable losses under your policy, such as:

  • Hail damage (roof repair or replacement)
  • Wind damage (windows, shutters, shingles)
  • Thunderstorm damage (electrical damage or fire)
  • Water intrusion (leaking or flooding)
  • Landscaping (lost trees)
  • Tornado damage (catastrophic loss)

We have heard every reason for denial or partial payment of legitimate claims. The adjuster says that the damage does not merit roof replacement even though every neighbor is getting reshingled. The insurer says the damage is not storm-related or not covered.

To win damages for bad faith denial, we have to show that the insurance company did not properly investigate your claim, had no legitimate reason to deny it, purposely delayed the claim or systematically denied similar claims. We have won cases for denied storm damage claims, including recoveries for punitive damages on top of the actual losses.

Holding Insurers Accountable Since 1998

Denying claims should not be a business practice. Your claim deserves to be evaluated and settled on its merits. Talk to a lawyer about your property insurance claim at 405-360-9700 or contact us online. We offer a free consultation and handle bad faith lawsuits on a contingency fee basis.